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Buy and Sell Shipping Containers all over the World brings to you an open marketplace where you can buy and sell shipping containers online of all types and dimensions by interacting with international players. It enables you to place buying and selling requests to people willing to trade containers online. The real-time insights into price quotation, stock availability, container types, dimensions, and grades, lets you make the right trading decision. The multiple price negotiation facility is yet another benefit that allows you to confirm sale and purchase when you feel the price is good. With curated technologies and increasing customer demand, we aim to connect people together for their mutual benefits. lets you go nowhere and trade containers in just a few clicks.

From the time you sign in, you can access the real-time insights, compare container prices, place negotiation request, and react instantly. It is just a three-step process- sign up, answer the verification email, and click the link to proceed.


No matter what corner of the world you’re you can access our site anywhere anytime with just a few clicks. We have put almost all types of cargo containers for sale and purchase.



The ultimate aim of is to make your container trading process leaner, simpler, and flexible. Unlike the conventional method, it does not require you to travel places in search of a container supplier or a buyer. Just like any other e-commerce site like Amazon, Ali Baba, it brings products direct to your home.

And this is for the first time in history, that you have an e-commerce platform for containers too. It empowers you to challenge the almost impenetrable, traditional way of doing business in container trading.

Let’s give a look at the different types of containers available at

-       Dry Van

-       Pallet Wide

-       Side Door

-       Double Door

-       Open Top

-       Hard Roof Open Top

-       Flat Rack

-       Platform

-       Reefers

-       Insulated Containers

-       Bulkers

Let us know your need, and we will be glad to serve you.

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